Diamonds are probably the most used gem in jewelry and high jewelry. Diamond business and history is also fascinating and will be the topic of a future post. But today w are focusing on what a diamond is, and how it came to be.

What are diamonds?

Chemical Composition:

Crystal Structure:


Mohs Scale Rating:

Refractive Index:


Diamond Grading:

There are four aspects that come into play when grading a diamond, each will be developed further in future articles, but here is a shortened version of each:

For example a 1 carat, triple excellent cut, D (highest colorless/white grade)- IF (Internally flawless) stone would be worth much more than a 1 carat, triple good cut, J, – SI1(Slightly included 1) stone, which would be itself worth much more than a 1 carat, triple fair cut, V – I3 (Included 3) stone.
Which one you choose depends on your budget and what you value the most, whether it is the size, the color, the clarity, the cut or a balance.

Thank you for reading this post, and I hope you learned something new!
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