Diamonds, the stone of all desires

Diamonds are probably the most used gem in jewelry and high jewelry. Diamond business and history is also fascinating and will be the topic of a future post. But today w are focusing on what a diamond is, and how it came to be. What are diamonds? Chemical Composition: Crystal Structure: Density: Mohs Scale Rating: […]

Sapphires? Rubies? What are they really?

In a Nutshell: both sapphires and rubies belong to the Corundum family, meaning they share the same mineral composition but display a variety of colors. Essentially, sapphires encompass all the colors of corundum except for red, while rubies specifically denote the red varieties within the corundum spectrum. A corundum is a mineral and a crystalline […]


Emeralds are green gemstones and are part of the Beryl mineral family (other well-known beryls include Aquamarine and morganite). Emeralds come in a range of greens that are classified by hue, tonal grade and saturation value of the stone is in part determined by this classification. the color is attributed to the presence of variable […]

What is Gemology?

Gemology is the scientific study and identification of gemstones. It involves the comprehensive examination and analysis of various aspects of gemstones, taking into account their physical, chemical, and optical properties. People who work in this field are known as gemologists. They use their knowledge and understanding of gemstones to assess these precious and semi-precious stones’ […]