Gemology is the scientific study and identification of gemstones. It involves the comprehensive examination and analysis of various aspects of gemstones, taking into account their physical, chemical, and optical properties. People who work in this field are known as gemologists. They use their knowledge and understanding of gemstones to assess these precious and semi-precious stones’ quality, authenticity, and overall value.

Gemologists can work in various environments, including gemological laboratories, jewelry stores, auction houses, or as independent consultants. Their expertise is critical in ensuring the accuracy of gemstone descriptions, facilitating fair trade practices, and helping consumers make informed decisions when buying or selling gemstones. Gemologists play an integral role in the global gemstone industry by bridging the gap between science and commerce. And have recently been behind in uncovering a scam, where individuals exchanged a lab-made diamond with a natural diamond with very similar (but not identical) characteristics, and sold the lab-made diamond with the natural diamond’s GIA certificate. After this was uncovered the main Gemological institutes (GIA – Gemological Institute of America, IGI – International Gemological Institute, and HRD -Hoge Raad Voor Diamant) issued warnings for gem customers to show extreme caution, and when in doubt get the stone examined by a trustworthy gemologist before committing to the purchase

The main things a gemologist will do are:

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